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Can I start tertiary studies and get HECS if I become bankrupt?

FAQs | Bankruptcy and Tertiary Education

Bankruptcy does not stop you from continuing tertiary studies you have previously commenced.

Bankruptcy does not stop you from commencing tertiary studies while you are bankrupt.

Bankruptcy does not stop you from continuing to get HECS support for your studies or from commencing studies with HECS support.

If you have a HECS or HELP debt when you become bankrupt that debt will not be caught by your bankruptcy and will continue to be collected by the government if your income exceeds the threshold amount.

For further information on bankruptcy, we recommend our articles ‘Pathways to Bankruptcy – Essential Facts’, ‘Life During Bankruptcy’ and ‘The Bankruptcy Option Explained’.

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Nicholls & Co provide a free, no obligation ‘help desk’ for people considering bankruptcy – we discuss and explain bankruptcy and answer questions for anyone who is considering bankruptcy. The Nicholls & Co help desk can be accessed by phone  
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