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Services Guide

Nicholls & Co specialise in providing professional and easy-to-understand personal insolvency services.

Essential elements of the service Nicholls & Co provides are respect, care, and our constant endeavour to be a positive influence on your life as we assist you through your solution for your insurmountable debt.

Services provided by Nicholls & Co include:

  • Free Helpdesk – free, confidential no obligation ‘help desk’ to answer your questions and assist you when considering personal insolvency solutions.
  • Low-Cost Lodgement Service – if you have a simple bankruptcy that will be administered by the government, we offer a $330 fixed fee service to assist with the completion and lodgement of your Bankruptcy Application.
  • Free Lodgement Service – If you choose for Nicholls & Co to be your private trustee to administer and help you through your bankruptcy (it does not cost you any money to have Nicholls & Co as your trustee) we will also assist you to complete and lodge your Bankruptcy Application free of charge.
  • Bankrupt Estate Management – Nicholls & Co administers bankruptcies. Alan Nicholls is a Registered Bankruptcy Trustee. We focus on providing a high level of service, with a focus on assisting bankrupt persons to work within the bankruptcy laws to achieve their best result from bankruptcy and establish good foundations for their future. We provide this service without charge to the person we are assisting through bankruptcy. Our fees are paid from the bankrupt estate.
  • Debt Agreement Proposal – we assist you to prepare a Debt Agreement Proposal providing our guidance and assisting you to propose a Debt Agreement you can afford.
  • Debt Agreement Administration – we administer Debt Agreements without you receiving an invoice from us. We get paid a percentage of the monies that are paid to your creditors. Your sole requirement is to comply with the terms of the Debt Agreement.

If you would like Nicholls & Co to help you or further information on the services of Nicholls & Co or a complimentary copy of our eBook, call Nicholls & Co on 1300 060 122 or email


…. your understanding and help along the way means a real lot to myself and my family and reinvigorates my belief in decent people and humanity as a whole……

Alan Nicholls - Registered Trustee

Alan Nicholls’ no obligation help desk

Nicholls & Co provide a free, no obligation ‘help desk’ for people considering bankruptcy – we discuss and explain bankruptcy and answer questions for anyone who is considering bankruptcy. The Nicholls & Co help desk can be accessed by phone  
1300 060 122  or . Alan Nicholls, Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy is also available to answer your questions to enable you to decide if bankruptcy is right for you.