Typical symptoms of a person who is experiencing extreme financial problems

Extreme financial distress can revel itself in physical and emotional symptoms. Do any of these sound like you?

  • Feeling stressed
  • Suffering medical issues caused/exacerbated by stress
  • Emotional problems and/or depression
  • Relationship problems, and trouble interacting with family and friends
  • Finding it hard to perform at work

Finding a solution for your financial issues is vitally important to prevent these symptoms getting worse for you, and the people around you. Sadly, without action, they will get worse.

Alan Nicholls’ no obligation help desk

Nicholls & Co provide a free, no obligation ‘help desk’ for people considering bankruptcy – we discuss and explain bankruptcy and answer questions for anyone who is considering bankruptcy. The Nicholls & Co help desk can be accessed by phone (1300 060 122) or helpdesk@nichollsco.com.au . Alan Nicholls, Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy is also available to answer your questions to enable you to decide if bankruptcy is right for you.